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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lugers and other German Military in our July 2011 Auction

Those of you familiar with our regional sales know that we usually have a very large variety of firearms, books and firearms related items ranging from the seldom seen to the more well known items, such as Smith & Wesson handguns, Winchesters and a array of sporting arms generally geared for every type of  buyer or collector. This July regional sale features about 190 various Lugers and about 100 German 98 rifles. This is the first time in 7+ years of working here that we have offered such a large collection of a specific item. 

The Lugers range from the WWI to the WWII era and even a few commercial models. Some of the Lugers are paired in lots, but the vast majority are standing on their own providing for a large variety for the beginning, novice or more experienced collector. All of the rifles are in multiple lots providing for a variety of models or codes all in one lot. Our regional sales have always been a great opportunity for the beginning collector to start with the lower end type, or should I say the less expensive type of firearms. It is also a great opportunity for the novice to build his or her collection. This regional sale is no different, except it is a great opportunity to start or add to any WWI or WWII military or German collection. The vast array of Lugers offers pistols from WWI, Pre-WWII and WWII and even a few more modern Mauser/Interarms American Eagles. Included are the manufacturers DWM, Erfurt, Mauser, Simson & Co. and  Krieghoff.

These Lugers include Reworks, Double Dated models, Navies, Artilleries, and Police models. Some are cased and many come with accessories such as holsters and extra magazines. Some even have a custom feature such as a long barrel or custom grips. The rifles also provide for a wide variety of manufacturers. Several are equipped with scopes and many come with a bayonet. The rifles range from the more common Mauser to such makers as Brunno, Gustloff, Erma and Berlin-Lubecker to the scarcer J.P. Sauer. There are many contract 98 rifles such as Turkish, Persian, Yugoslavian, Romanian and Czech to name a few. There is even a rare Chinese K98 rifle. The grouping also provides a vast assortment of codes and manufacture dates, again allowing for the opportunity to start or build on a German military collection. Conditions on these Lugers and 98 rifles vary, as do most large collections, but all are still collectable in their own right.

So a big shout out to all of you who have been putting off starting that German military collection, this is a great opportunity to get it started and if you already have a Luger or 98 collection, we may have that one your looking for to fill one of those empty spots in your collection. Fear not though, if you for some reason can’t bid July 16th and 17th, we will also have a very large collection of Lugers in our upcoming September Premiere Auction. The next couple of Rock Island Auction Company Auctions are going to provide a super opportunity for the German Luger pistol enthusiast. Also as a side note if you haven’t gotten to our new state of the art facility yet, we you really need to come see the finest auction facility in the country, if not the world. It is certainly worth the trip from anywhere.  J. Krup – RIA firearms specialist

If you would like to view our history of Lugers sold in past auctions, take a look at our Luger site where you can search out items previously sold.

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