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Friday, November 29, 2013

An Abundance of Engraving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Or rather Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving by the time you read this.  Hopefully, you have the day off and are enjoying some nice family time, squeezing in some hunting, or just plain trying to digest all the goodies you devoured yesterday while simultaneously eyeing up the small mountain of leftovers in the fridge.  Of course, some of us have to work today and that's OK too.  After the glut of unemployment the last few years, I think we can all be thankful for work.

To honor the abundance we all enjoy, I thought it best to cover the abundance of engraved firearms in our December 2013 Premiere Firearms Auction.  In Colts alone, there over are 50 factory engraved firearms!  Finely engraved guns should hold a special place in any collector's heart.  An engraved firearm can blur the lines between gun and art; complimenting each component while still making something greater than each alone.  Many of the pieces in this auction will catch the eyes of collectors involved with other genres, such as coins, cars, and sculpture, and paintings.  There's just something universal about the aesthetics and craftsmanship of firearms when worked upon by a master.  Take a look at some of these fascinating, elegant, and masterfully completed works.

Lot 1257: Extraordinary Documented Marston, Superposed Three Barrel Retractable Knife Blade Derringer Exhibition Quality Engraved and Signed by L. D. Nimschke

With a large cat featured in the engraving in front of the barrel selector
This side, in addition to showing the blade in its extended position, features a mythical beast
in the engraving that appears to be a cross between a dragon and an eagle.

Lot 1258: Extremely Rare Nimschke Panel Scene Engraved Frank Wesson Small Frame Superposed Deringer with Pearl Grips and Sliding Dagger

Brass and ivory always looks so regal together.  Only 6 are of this derringer are known to be engraved and
this may be only only example featuring both engraving and the dagger. 

We love the tiny woodland scene engraved near the base of the barrels.

Long Arms
Lot 1007: Extraordinary "Highly Finished Arms" Benchmark Example of a Factory Gold Inlaid No. 2 Engraved Winchester Model 1894 Deluxe Fancy Sporting Takedown Lever Action Rifle Originally in the Mac McCroskie Collection

A true masterpiece.

Lot 1166: Extremely Rare Deluxe Presentation Factory Engraved and Inscribed Colt Lightning Slide Action Rifle with Factory Letter

This engraved Colt Lightning enjoyed quite a bit of attention at the
34th Annual All Colt Convention held by the Colt Collectors Association

Lot 81: Factory Engraved Gold Washed Deluxe Marlin Model 1897 Lever Action Rifle

Lot 1016: Magnificent Deluxe Factory Engraved, New Haven Arms Henry Lever Action Rifle with Silver Plated Frame

Beautiful coloring on the silver that appears to highlight the game scene

Lot 3012: Rare Deluxe Gold Plated Factory Engraved Henry Lever Action Rifle

Lot 3031: Desirable and Rare Samuel J. Hoggson Factory Engraved New Haven Arms Co. Henry Lever Action Rifle


Lot 1697: Attractive and Desirable Engraved Gold Inlaid Winchester Field Grade Model 21 20 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun with Case and Factory Letter

Simply a stunning firearm.

Lot 1669: Exceptional Engraved and Gold Inlaid Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Bolt Action Rifle in 358 Winchester with Box

Lot 1700: Exhibition Quality Angelo Bee Master Engraved Gold Inlaid 16 Gauge Winchester Model 12 Slide Action Take Down Shotgun

All the hues used in this engraving make it particularly striking.

Lot 3004: Extremely Rare Special Order Factory Engraved Silver-Plated Take-Down Winchester Model 1892 Fancy Sporting Rifle with 1934 Factory Letter


Lot 1206: Exceptional Documented Early Production Helfricht Factory Engraved Colt New Service Revolver with Ivory Grips

The bold, confident engraving of Helfricht truly sets him apart as a Master.

Lot 3184: Exceptional Pair of First Generation Ed Bohlin Engraved and Embellished Colt Single Action Revolvers with Deluxe Silver Grips
This revolver is doing double duty for engraving, featuring it on its barrel, frame, and even its silver grips!

Lot 1174: Beautiful Factory Engraved Pre-World War II Colt Single Action Army Revolver with Carved Ivory Steer Head Grips

Vivid and colorful case hardening!

Smith & Wesson

Lot 99: Factory Documented Spectacular and Extremely Rare Gustave Young Factory Engraved Smith & Wesson Model 320 "Buntline Special" Revolving Rifle with Shoulder Stock and Case
This gun has received a lot of publicity from us and rightly so.

Lot 106: Rare and Excellent Factory Documented 1893 Chicago World's Fair Exposition Engraved Two-Tone Smith & Wesson 38 Safety Hammerless Third Model Double Action Revolver with Pearl Grips and Factory Letter
When a product was exhibited at a World's Fair, it was put forth by its company as its best.


Lot 3298: Master Engraved Remington Model 700 Bolt Action Rifle in .375 H&H Magnum with Sling

Lot 1251: Exceptional Factory Engraved Remington Rider Magazine Pistol with Pearl Grips

Well, we hope you've enjoyed looking at these engraved beauties as much as we have.  These are but a taste of the full Thanksgiving feat of engraved firearms that will be available at the December 2013 Premiere Firearms Auction, to be held December 6th, 7th, & 8th.  To search out YOUR favorite gun, please check our search page!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, from all of us here at Rock Island Auction Company.

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