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Thursday, July 24, 2014

How RIAC Makes Online Auctions Different

If you've participated in one of Rock Island Auction Company's many auctions, chances are you've also tried to purchase a gun with one of several online firearms auctions.  Furthermore, if you've tried some of the online auctions available, you know there are a number of different formats available.  Some have an "eBay" type format where the bidding stops at a certain time, usually resulting in several last second bidders trying to "snipe" the item at the last possible moment.  To avoid such scenarios, other sites use a format that allows an item's listing to stay open for bids 15 minutes after the last bid.  The list goes on and on, but Rock Island Auction Company has a format that sets itself apart from the competition and we think you'll like it.  It provides many advantages and is an experience as close to being in our auction facility as possible.  First of all, some details on our Online Only Auction.

  1. All Online Only Auctions happen in our facility in Rock Island, IL.
  2. It is the only auction type we host with NO on-site audience/bidders.  All bidding must be done off site.
  3. Three Online Only Auctions are held per year
  4. Online Only Auctions contain items that might not typically appear in a Regional or Premiere Auction, but are still of interest to the firearms collecting community.  They have ranged in price from $50 - $5,000 and include any number of firearms, accessories, uniforms, militaria, ammunition, books, art, and more.

Live Auctioneers

Most of the benefits of RIAC's Online Only Auction start with our live, licensed auctioneers.  Their wealth of experience is a huge advantage over one hosted by a computer.  They have a feel for the action and won't close a lot early if the action is still hot, ensuring that your bid is recognized.  Auctioneers also won't wait around on a lot with little activity, thus ensuring the auction continues to move quickly and potentially giving some lucky bidder an attractive price.

Streaming Audio & Video

All of our auctions provide streaming audio & video to our customers bidding online and our Online Only Auction is no different.  After all, what good would live auctioneers be if you couldn't see or hear them?  At these auctions, you get to hear the auctioneers just as you would at our facility!  There's no watching numbers count down to when a lot is finished, you actually get to hear the lot hammered "SOLD!" by our licensed auctioneers.  This also allows you to hear some of the ribbing and fun goes on at a RIAC auction.

Bid in Real Time

Sure lots of places let you place your bids online in real time and RIAC is no exception.  But how many other online auctions let you place live phone bids?  None that we've ever heard.  RIAC's Online Only Auction not only lets you place sealed bids through our website,, but also bid live via third party auction services such as Proxibid and inValuable as well as by phone!  Bidding by phone means instant updates on what the lot is doing, bids that are placed immediately, and an increased chance of winning.  There's no waiting for the screen to refresh when working with one of our trained phone bidders.

Of course, if placing sealed bids (fixed, pre-auction bids) is more your preference, you can also do that via the RIAC webpage.  What's more, there's no charge to do so, whereas some third party sites that host our auction often charge an additional 3% to use their service.  Why not save some money and bid directly at the source?

Rock Island Auction Company's Fantastic Service

Bidding with Rock Island Auction Company means you get access to our full range of services, while a collector with a private listing on a gun auction website might not be willing to do all the things that RIAC considers standard.
  • High resolution, full color photos that show the complete gun, with other photos available on request.
  • A dedicated customer service center to answer your questions
  • Excellent shipping, meaning your guns arrive exactly how they left
  • Helpful condition codes so you can make better decisions
  • We do invoicing by email or by phone if you have questions on your bill.  The choice is yours!
  • RIAC provides the Prices Realized on our website after each sale.

We hope this information helps drive home how RIAC's Online Only Auctions are different from your run-of-the-mill online auctions.  It's as close as it gets to sitting in the auction hall in the comforts of your own home, while still reaping all the benefits of working with Rock Island Auction Company to build your collection.  These auctions are a great opportunity for collectors at all levels to participate!  Head on over to today to find the next addition to your collection.

Click here to view all the items in our latest Online Only Auction

-Written by Joel Kolander


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  2. They have a feel for the action and won't close a lot early if the action is still hot, ensuring that your bid is recognized. Auctions

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