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Thursday, September 3, 2015

German MP3008: The People's Machine Pistol

This week's blog is actually a video focusing on the German Volksmaschinenpistole, or "people's machine pistol."  It's a rare gun to see, let alone handle, and I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity.

One of the famous "last ditch" weapons of Nazi Germany, it's a near exact copy of the British STEN gun.  Weighs just over 7 lbs, is sighted for 100 meters, and fires 9mm Luger rounds from an open bolt at a rate of 450 - 500 per minute.

This is one of over two DOZEN videos that have been made featuring firearms in our 2015 September Premiere Firearms Auction.  Some are made by us and some are made through our partnership with the website Forgotten Weapons.  To see the rest of these videos, head on over to our YouTube Channel.  All are sure to entertain as well as educate.  

Other fine firearms appearing in this video:

MP3008        -
STEN            -
FG-42           -
Thompson     -

-Written by Joel R. Kolander


  1. Finally now I have seen one. I was told about this from a fellow worker who was a very young boy in Germany at the end of the war. He told us that his father and Uncle were "issued" a copy of the sten but it was different. Now I see how it was.

    1. If you're able to attend the auction, you can even hold it!