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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Magnificent and Extremely Rare Anna Pottery's Cornwall Kirkpatrick's Fair Jug Commemorating the Southern Illinois Anna Fair of 1884

Rock Island, IL. September 12, 2011 Over 300 Pieces of Stoneware.
The largest pieces to exists from Anna Pottery are also referred to as "Fair Jugs" these large cylindrical vessels commemorate the social highlight of the year. This jug commemorates the Southern Illinois Fair held at the fairground in Anna Illinois on August 26, 27 & 28, 1884. Aside from the imposing size the most distinctive feature of these jugs is that they have overall incised tubular design consisting chiefly of row after row, column after column, list after list of names. Fairs were the most important social and cultural events of the season in Southern Illinois. For most rural people the coming of their local fair was "the big event of the year". The Union County Fair was held annually in Jonesboro beginning in 1855. The annual Southern Illinois Fair began in Anna in 1880. From the start of the Anna fairs, Cornwall served as secretary for their association's board of trustees. Wallace frequently served as superintendent of amusements for the Anna fairs. He was in charge of the midway, Eight of these fair directories are known to exist, six made for local fairs, one for a Carbondale, Illinois fair plus the one made in 1879 for the Inter-State Industrial Exposition in Chicago. The core lists of incised names on the local fair directories consist of the names and titles of the officers, the names of members of the executive committee for the particular association sponsoring the fair, the superintendents and titles for each of the one to two dozen premium categories, and the names of each member of each superintendent's committee of fellow judges for each category.

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These list might be joined by names of city and county officials, churches and their personnel, officers of the "secret societies" such as the Odd Fellows, Masons and sometimes a candidate for political office. After all the names were inscribed any space that remained open was often filled in with something; incised fearns, vines, leaves, cross hatching something to add depth to the piece. Incised is the list of the Officers for the 1884 Southern Illinois Fair, its Directors and Executive Committee in addition to the various classes or categories of entry for the fair such as Class A Horses, Class B Thoroughbreds you will find the committee organizers for each class. The unique features of this jug list the candidates for President and Vice President "Republican James G. Blaine, Maine & John A. Logan, Ill" "Democrat Cleveland NY & Hencricks, Ind", the Union County Offices such as the Sheriff, Stest Attorney, Superintendent of Schools, Treasurer, Coroner and Justice of the Peace for various cities. The Anna public offices were included as well listing the mayor, Police Magistrate, Street Commissioner and more. Boldly at the top of the jug near the spout in a very prominent area incised is "C & W Kirkpatrick/Anna Pottery, Anna, Ill" Under the base of the spout is "Fifth Annual/Southern Illinois Fair/of the/ Southern Illinois Fair Association/ Held on their Grounds, at/Anna Illinois/ on August 26th, 27th & 28th, 1884. Interestingly Cornwall incised his date of birth "C. Kirkpatrick / Born Dec. 23, 1814" in a banner at the base of the jug. This is a wonderful example of a Fair Jug and features a beautiful glossy salt glaze with "turkey dropping" running down one side from the excess salt in the kiln. H 22', W 13"

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