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Monday, August 15, 2011

Museum Quality Remingtons from the James Tipton Collection

Hang on to your hats Remington shotgun collectors because RIA has the finest collection of factory master engraved gold inlaid Remington shotguns ever offered at public sale. I have worked here almost 7 ½ years and have never seen the likes of these spectacular shotguns. The collection includes a One-of-a-kind consecutively serial numbered four gun set of R.P. Runge Master Engraved Model 1100SF Premier Grade semi automatic shotguns in 12, 20, 28 and 410 gauges Lot 1594. The shotguns are “F” Grade which was the exclusive product of the Remington custom Shop and are made with masterfully hand fitted components, superbly embellished and signed, and dated by the engraver. All are mounted with extra fancy high grade checkered walnut forearms and stocks. There is a unique sequential set of four Remington Custom Shop Model 1100-SD Skeet Tournament Grade semi automatic shotguns in 12, 20, 28 and 410 gauge. The Model 1100s continue with Model 1100S skeet Premier F Grade custom Shop factory engraved by Master engraver Don Talbot Lot 1603. Talbot is a master of the American style of game scene engraving as well as a practitioner of the Italian “Bulino” school which uses near microscopic line and dot work to produce shading and depth rarely seen on American arms. And yet another Model 1100 Premier F Grade factory Custom Shop engraved Lot 1595, gold inlaid and signed by
Master Engraver Robert Runge and again mounted with extra fancy high grade checkered walnut. There is even a Model 1100 Limited Edition Diamond Anniversary Commemorative Lot 3424. If your interest is in the Model 870, there is factory Custom Shop engraved TD Trap Grade, SD Skeet Tournament Grade, S Skeet Target C Grade and another Master Engraver signed Robert Runge Lot 3412, 870T Trap Grade Premier F Grade with a straight English style stock, all mounted with high grade wood Lot 3411. If you’re looking for a Model 11, this collection features several, again all are beautifully factory engraved and mounted with the finest  walnut. The Model 11s include a factory panel scene engraved expert Grade that was pictured in the “Remington society of American Journal”, 2nd quarter, 2000, a rare English stocked 11C Trap Grade, a couple of 11D Tournament Grade, a 11 Expert E Grade, 11F Premier Grade. If you think it ends there, you would be mistaken because the collection includes several Model 11-48s that can only be described as magnificent, exceptional, superb and fantastic. All factory engraved including a scarce 410 gauge, a Premier F Grade, a Premier F Grade in 410 gauge, a SD Grade also in scarce 410 gauge, two Master Engraver Carl Ennis gold inlaid and signed Premier F Grade and a Master Engraver Robert Runge gold inlaid and signed Premier F Grade. There is a magnificent Factory engraved Remington 48D Tournament Grade, an extremely rare excellent 48S Skeet Target C Grade in 16 gauge and a scarce factory Custom Shop engraved Model 29 expert E Grade slide action. There are a couple of Sportsman Model 58s that can only be described as superb, one is a SC Skeet Target Grade and the other is factory Custom Shop engraved and signed by Master engraver Robert Runge, Premier F Grade. The Model 58s are rounded out with an outstanding 58T Trap Tournament D Grade, a TB Trap Special Grade and an excellent SC Skeet Target Grade. If in the writing of this article I seem to over use words like excellent, scarce, outstanding, spectacular and superb, it was no accident, at the top of the article I said that I have never seen the likes of this collection and mere words can only attempt to describe the wonder of this collection. If for nothing else this September auction, if you appreciate superb craftsmanship in firearms, you have got to come see this collection to believe it. Honestly you have never, and will never see a finer collection of Remington shotguns like these again brought to public auction.
To view all Remington Shotguns in the upcoming auction click this link.


  1. Have a 12 ga sportsman 30" full and barrel seems quite thick at muzzle, measures .883 " outside and full choke is .697" Solid rib B grade. Is this a special barrel? Gary 425 582 1546 pacific time. THX

    1. From the information we have here, it sounds like a Model 11 Sportsman and the features appear to not be special.