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Friday, February 24, 2012

Illinois Congressmen Chooses to Hold First News Conference of the 2012 Election Year at Rock Island Auction Company and Talks 2nd Amendment

Bobby Schilling (R) a U.S. House Representative for Illinois’s 17th congressional district, choose to hold his first news conference of the 2012 election year at the Rock Island Auction Company. Mr. Schilling assumed office back in 2011 and was the first Republican to hold the seat in 27 years. The freshmen Republican used the press conference to announce that he would be returning $110,000 back to his district from the allotted tax-payer funded MRA (member’s representational allowance). “A lot of my collogues believe that they need to spend every dollar that is given to them. With a growing state and national debt to the tune of billions in the state of Illinois, and many trillions nationally we need to be as conservative as we can with our money and cut wasteful spending”, Mr. Schilling said. Congressman Schilling is one of only a handful of members to actually return allotted funds back to the tax payers.  After the press conference was over Mr. Schilling fielded questions from both the press and audience.
 Seeing that Mr. Schilling was holding his press conference at the Number 1 Auction house in the world for selling antique and collectable firearms, a second amendment question was in order. Mr. Schilling was asked his opinion on the second amendment in regards to both the national level and from the state level, considering Illinois gun owners are constantly being threaten by the state legislature. Mr. Schilling’s response was straight forward and simple. “I fully support the second amendment. I always have and always will. Likewise I fully support the Constitution of the United States of America, which I promised to uphold when I was sworn into office. In the Constitution it clearly states that we the people have the right to keep and bear arms, which I believe is a fundamental right.” As far as the state of Illinois is concerned Mr. Schilling is staunchly against any form of handgun registration and believes “the government needs to get less involved not more involved with peoples everyday lives.  For more information on Mr. Schilling campaign please visit or