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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rock Island Auction Company to Donate Rare Winchester to the NRA-ILA Dinner and Auction

 Rock Island Auction Company is proud to announce it will be donating a rare Winchester Model 1873 Musket to the National Rifle Associations Institute for Legislative Action annual dinner and auction scheduled for Friday April, 13 at Grant Farm in St. Louis Missouri. The dinner and auction is held in conjunction with the 2012 NRA Annual Meeting and show. The show attracts 70,000 plus gun enthusiasts from all over the world for 7 acres of guns, gear and outfitters. The show itself will feature over 500 displays ranging from firearms and shooting accessories to hunting outfitters and ATV’s.
The event raises money for the NRA-ILA, the lobbying arm of the National Rifle Association who is entrusted to “preserve the rights of all law abiding individuals to purchase, posses and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution”. The ILA was formed in 1975 and is involved in “any issue that directly or indirectly affects firearms ownership and use. These involve such topics as hunting and access to hunting lands, wilderness and wildlife conservation, civilian marksmanship training and ranges for public use, law enforcement-related issues, product liability, trapping, crime victim rights and criminal justice reform”.
 “We attended the show last year for the first time and had a remarkable experience” said Kevin Hogan an Auctioneer at Rock Island Auction Company. In fact Rock Island Auction had such a great show last year that they booked a 30 X 40 foot booth for this years show in St. Louis. “The show is totally unique for us and we have never been involved with such a large display. No other auction house attends the show and it’s a great opportunity for us to meet potential consignors and potential buyers who have never heard of us before. We can introduce new people to the world of antique gun collecting and open their eyes to brand new investment opportunity.” As for the dinner and auction Kevin said “my father and I attended the NRA-ILA banquet last year at the Pittsburg show and could not have been more impressed. The room is filled with businessmen, celebrities, and politicians who are all rallying around the idea of protecting and preserving the Second Amendment. It’s thanks to this organization today that we are able to continue to do business and grow. Donating to the auction allowed us the opportunity to help this wonderful organization and also get the word out about what we do at Rock Island Auction Company.” For more information on the NRA-ILA Dinner and Auction and to see the Rock Island Auction Company’s donation please visit:
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