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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Highly Desirable & Highly Collectable Luger Pistols

Rock Island Auction Company is proud to offer one of the largest selections of highly desirable and highly collectable investment grade Luger pistols that we have ever offered.
This massive grouping spans all production years from 1900 up through 1942 and covers almost all the unique and rare variations. The following is just a small sampling of the fabulous Lugers we have to offer in this December sale. To start off we have probably one of the most highly sought after Lugers, which is an extremely rare 1902/06 "Georg Luger" Pistol Carbine, (lot 1466). These are extremely rare Lugers as only a handful were actually marked with his intertwined "GL" monogram. This marking was reserved only for Lugers produced under his specific authorization and supervision, clearly indicating this was probably a "One of a Kind" Luger Carbine. Then we have another extremely rare Luger, a 1902 American Eagle "Cartridge Counter" Luger pistol (lot 3512). This series of pistol was ordered by the U.S. Ordnance Dept. for testing and evaluation by the U.S. Army. There were only "50" total of this model produced with many seeing heavy test use with only the later production models surviving in extremely nice condition like the one we have to offer for sale. Next up we have a beautiful, all original first model 1906 Navy Luger rig (lot 1495) that is complete with the original Imperial Navy board stock, holster and accessories. These Imperial Navy Luger rigs are also some of the most sought after and most difficult WWI Lugers to obtain as they were produced in very low numbers and saw heavy use in a salt water environment with most being reworked and shortened after WWI, making their survival rate in original condition, extremely low. Next we have a huge listing of standard WWI Luger pistols and Luger pistol rigs that are in just beautiful condition, such as lot 1471 and lot 3566 being two all-time favorites. These are two original, WWI "First Year" 1914 dated, matching Artillery Luger pistol rigs; one made by the DWM factory and the other by the Erfurt factory. Both are extremely rare and highly collectable, with both examples having original issue Artillery board stocks, holster and magazines. We also have a huge sampling of post WWI Lugers produced during the early Weimar era, pre-Nazi era and then throughout WWII under the Nazi regime.

These include several Weimar police Luger rigs, as well as several of the extremely rare Simson & Company Luger rigs, several with two matching magazines and holsters. These are featured in lot 1472lot 1486 and lot 3513 as well as other lots. These were all produced in Suhl only in the 1922-1926 time-frame, prior to the Nazi's taking over and confiscating the Simson factory in late 1927-28. Next we have several lots of the Pre-Nazi sneak Military and Police Luger rigs produced in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Next we transitioned into all the various "S/42" Luger rigs produced during WWII to include the Rare early 1934 "K" date Luger rig (lot 1505), several 1935, 1936, 1937 through 1942, all matching Police Luger rigs (including all three Police Proof variations). Then we have all the same years 1933-1942 Military issue Lugers and Luger rigs, as well as several Krieghoff Luger rigs (lots 1469148115453520 and 3580) as issued and used by the Luftwaffe.
Rock Island Auction Company is also proud to offer one of the rarest and best condition, late WWII Nazi "People's rifle" that has even been offered for sale anywhere (lot 1498). Brian, a RIAC firearm specialist, says "I have been collecting military weapons memorability for over 40 years and every once in a while something comes into the company that just shocks me, and this is one of those guns. However it still instills the "hunt" in me when I see this stuff and the reason being is that this "Volkssturmgewehr or "Peoples Assault Rifle", has literally been sitting in the veteran's attic since 1945 when he sent it home after WWII. It was a pleasure for me to handle and write up this rifle, just read the description and you will know why." 

In addition to this, Rock Island Auction Company always seems to have a huge selection of WWII k98 sniper rifles, P38 pistols, as well as all the other German military pistols used during WWII.  We cannot encourage you enough to come and see these and many more this November 30th, December 1st and 2nd.  We hope this sampling entices you to visit our online catalog to see the complete collection. This collection will surely meet the needs of collectors at all levels. Our catalog is available online for free, or we can ship you one today, just complete the online order form, call 1-800-238-8022, fax 1-309-797-1655, or e-mail We look forward to any inquiries, and hope to see you at the sale!