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Monday, November 12, 2012

Upcoming Premiere Features Finest Assembly of Colt Single Action Army Revolvers!

Thank You Veterans!!!

Rock Island Auction Company would like to take this opportunity to Thank all members of the Armed Services. It is because of your sacrifices that we are able to enjoy our freedom.

This December, Rock Island Auction Company will bring the 2012 auction season to a fitting close with our Premiere Firearms Auction, which will include one of the finest assemblies of Colt Single Action Army Revolvers, featuring the final installment of the Gateway Collection.

Though this collection is fantastic overall, a few pieces stand out even within this distinguished grouping, including one of the rarest Single Action Army Revolvers known to collectors, the 1873 Pinched Frame (Lot #1303), one of the first 200 SAAs to come off Colt's production line during the introductory year for the revolver. So named for the sight arrangement, which has the rear sight notch cut into a "pinched" section of the top sight groove slightly ahead of the rear of the frame, this style was discontinued shortly after introduction in favor of the notch set at the rear of the top strap which remains the standard sight for both Colt and their imitators. One of these revolvers, in any condition, is a scarce and unusual piece which could serve to be a top item even in a very sophisticated collection, but this example, showing 95% of a period nickel finish, could be a "crown jewel" of nearly any grouping.

Embellished SAAs are also present in the sale, with an exceptional example in Lot #1283, a Frontier Six Shooter with factory documented engraving, silver finish, and steer head ivory grips. While fine scroll and punch dot engraving, special finishes, and raised carved ivory steer head grips are not unknown on the collector's market, typically such arms received their decoration from the retailer before sale, or had the work done later in life. This example is fully documented; every ounce of this top notch revolver is factory work verified from Colt's own records, no "Not Listed" fields on this one. Though not stated explicitly in the letter, from the 18 October, 1926 shipping date we can reasonably assume the grips are the work of noted Master Engraver Wilbur A. Glahn.

The scarce and desirable variants of the Single Action are also well represented. Lot #3359, a London Agency Bisley Flattop, is factory documented as shipped to the Pall Mall office on 21 June, 1897, and has multiple desirable features. First, the caliber of 455 Eley, with only 196 Flattop Bisley Revolvers chambered in it, due to the overall preference for smaller, lighter rounds among the target shooters the arm was meant for. Second, the front sight, documented in the letter as a special order feature, is equipped with a detachable extension, which serves as both a protector for the installed sight, and also doubles as a taller, more visible front sight. Additionally, the hardwood grips are documented to the gun.

Out of the variety of top notch collector's arms in the December Premiere Sale, the items mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. Starting November 30th, and running through December 1st and 2nd, our sale contains something for virtually everyone and covers the entire spectrum from antique black powder arms to Class III Items. Our catalog is available online for free, or we can ship you one today, just complete the online order form, call 1-800-238-8022, fax 1-309-797-1655, or e-mail We look forward to any inquiries, and hope to see you in at the sale!

View the collection of Colt Single Action Army Revolver's in our online catalog today!!