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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Urbanowski Antique Smith & Wesson Collection in Upcoming Auction

Rock Island Auction Company is Proud and Excited to Offer the Finest Antique Smith & Wesson Collection to Cross the Auction Block in Nearly a Decade this November 30th, December 1st & 2nd.

Procurers of Antique Smith & Wesson's will be extremely delighted to get their hands on Rock Island Auction Company's most recent Premiere Firearms catalog as for the first time in 20 years a RIAC catalog cover features nothing but antique Smith & Wesson firearms! It is our great pleasure to offer for sale the collection of Mr. Anthony Urbanowski an encyclopedic study of antique Smith & Wesson firearms. It was Mr. Urbanowski's calling to put together a collection of every production model and variation of antique Smith & Wesson revolvers which he achieved albeit one or two. The collection of nearly 200 Smith & Wesson's encompasses quantity, quality, condition and rarity, as Mr. Urbanowki was able to obtain some of the most scarce and high condition examples known to collectors which include several only known specimens of their kind.

Beginning with Horace Smith and D.B. Wesson's first joint firearms endeavor is Lot 1378 a highly desirable large frame of Type I Lever Action magazine Pistol. Rare in any condition this 8" pistol serial number 147 is one of approximately 500 manufactured and is fine to very fine overall condition, a must own for any serious S&W collector. Moving on to the so called "first firsts" we begin with Lot 268 a scarce Smith & Wesson 1st Model 1st Issue 2nd Variation serial number 623 with the distinctive bayonet latch. The bayonet latch can only be observed on the 1st and 2nd variations and of which there are only 1,100 between the two. The collection includes all variations except the 1st. Also of note is Lot 258 which is just an exceptional 1st Model 1st Issue 5th Variation in its original Gutta Percha case, truly an example that would be difficult to improve upon.

Continuing with "tip-up" models is a magnificent and diverse array of the S&W No. 2 Army revolvers starting with Lot 1425 a superb cased "two-tone" Smith & Wesson No. 2 Army shipped April 29, 1865 to B. Kittredge & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio and remains in excellent overall condition. Lot 284 is the finest standard commercial blue finish 6" No. 2 Army that we at Rock Island Auction have had the pleasure to catalog and remains excellent plus! Moving on to some of the rarer variations: Lot 1426 serial number 327 with scarce two pin frame and 5" barrel, Lot 1411 is a scarce full silver plated No. 2, Lot 1410 is one of the most desirable of No.2 variations a rare 4" with factory letter confirming barrel length. Lot 1403 is the rarest of all, 1 of 35 original No. 2 Armies marked "2nd Quality" which remains un-serialized and in the white.

Moving from "tip-ups" to "top breaks" we start right off the bat with two of the most prized pieces in the entire collection Lot 256 and Lot 1384 both excellent and original "Mexican Models". Next Lot 1414 is the finest blue finished Baby Russian extant still accompanied by its original factory picture box! Moving on to the large frame DA's we start with Lot 1387 a truly stunning exhibition factory engraved and gold plated S&W 44 DA. Smith & Wesson's of this quality are very rarely observed outside of books let alone up for sale! Lot 266 is a true "1 of 1": the only known blued Smith & Wesson .44 Favorite. Only 1000 Favorites were manufactured from 1882-1883. This is the only one known with original factory blue! A true once in a life-time opportunity! Next is an equally impressive and rare 1 of only 10 Smith & Wesson 44 DA manufactured in .38 military!

The core of Mr. Urbanowski's collection is the grouping of large frame No. 3: Americans, Sheffield's, Russians, and New Models. This auction is truly an unprecedented opportunity to observe and own some of the most rare and high condition examples of these highly sought after large frames and here are the highlights; Lot 1394 serial number 874 American with rare "oil hole" in excellent condition, the finest we have ever offered. Lot 246 Experimental serial number 14 American in 44-100 rimfire, Lot 264 1 of 32 factory documented Nashville police Americans, Lot 245 documented 1 of 1000 U.S. cavalry Americans. Also included in the sale is every variation of the No. 3 Russian including a near new, stocked, experimental 3rd Model Russian Lot 1398. Lot 272 is an incredibly rare U.S. state of Maryland Henry Nettleton inspected New Model No. 3.

Without even scratching the surface it is easy to see the importance and depth of this S&W collection.  We cannot encourage you enough to come and see this spectacular collection and many more this November 30th, December 1st and 2nd.  Our sale contains something for virtually everyone and covers the entire spectrum from antique black powder arms to Class III Items. Our catalog is available online for free, or we can ship you one today, just complete the online order form, call 1-800-238-8022, fax 1-309-797-1655, or e-mail of We look forward to any inquiries, and hope to see you in at the sale!

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